Die Architektur von Arkan Zeytinoglu

Redaktion: Manuela Hötzl
Autoren: Florian Medicus,
Wolfgang Pauser, Dietmar Steiner
SpringerWienNewYork, 2012

Geometry in the Spotlight - Works by Arkan Zeytinoglu

“Geometry is both ideal image and abstract order, which is given a reciprocal embodiment in architecture through constructed image and material form.”  The book on hand “illuminates” the work of the Turkish-descent architect Arkan Zeytinoglu under the aspect of geometrized light: drawings, studies of space, landscapes, projects and buildings from 1995 until today (2011) are shown in this “light of geometry”, Arkan Zeytinoglu’s source of inspiration. “Geometry” in connection with architecture is no surprising term – nor has it been a fashionable one since the last hype in the 1990s when the computer became an important instrument of a new formal design. It facilitated calculating new geometries, leaving the architect behind as a drawing constructor. Command and understanding of geometry, ever a vital matter for architects, ceased to be a necessity. “Responsibility” for the design was transferred to the drawing tool computer, thus bringing architecture as a whole into a conflict of authority.

The book “Geometry of Light” tells a story – Arkan Zeytinoglu’s story –, but it also tries to retrace the relationship of geometry, architecture and light, and to point out their various influences on science and philosophy. Still, the question remains what the role of this relationship is today, not only for Arkan Zeytinoglu.

Manuela Hötzl

Geometry of Light
The Architecture of Arkan Zeytinoglu
Arkan Zeytinoglu
ISBN: 978-3-7091-0538-2
2012, 336 p. 300 illus. in color., Geb.

Autoren: Florian Medicus, Wolfgang Pauser, Dietmar Steiner

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