Symposium Venedig - Spaceship
100YC Spaceship at A+A Gallery Venice
6:00pm Saturday 6th October 2012

The next 100 years - space - earth - continuum
Evolution, extension and exploration - how we will explore inner and outer spaces in the next hundred years. The future exploration of larger structures in space and on earth and the synergies between terrestrial and extraterrestrial technologic developments
1OOYC Spaceship is a continuing investigation into multi-scaler strategies for the envisioning space architecture and habitats and environments (earth, leo, deep space). The technological, social, political, economic and cultural shifts present possibilities for rethinking humanities space futures.
1OO YC Spaceship aims at developing systems of knowledge supporting and creating projects for these dramatic transformations in thinking about space architecture.
1OOYC projects will be embracing the development of techniques for local energy generation, the incorporation of information technology into production of extreme habitation and constrained physical space and other relevant situations, calls for a new vision of the evolution of knowledge for space architecture. It enables a range of possibilities for the development of projects and initiatives offering potentials for transforming habitable spaces in keeping with the new requirements of both building scientific knowledge and spatial production for habitable life in space. The Xtremes Space Lab sets a multidisciplinary agenda with a research and education combining science, technology with architecture and form.

Moderator: *Manuela Hötzl, Vienna - London
Brent Sherwood* 
(NASA JPL - strategies, policy, Pasadena, California, USA)
Leopold Summerer*
(Head of Advanced Concepts Team, ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, NL)
Kristof Ostir*
(Institute of Anthropological and Spatial Studies SAZU, Slovenia)
Christian Waldvogel* 
(artist, architect, Zurich, Switzerland)
Thomas Bock* 
(TUM - Robotics, Munich, Germany)
Barbara Imhof* 
(space architect, LIQUIFER Systems Group, Vienna, Austria)

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