Beitrag: 24:05:00, 001 // MATTER OF MATERIALITY
30. September bis 6. Oktober 2011
Ort: Centre for Research Architecture,
Goldsmiths University of London

Conceived as a public moment that takes the form of an exhibition, 24:05:00_Five Minutes Past Midnight leads us through ‘research in progress’ of eight participants of the year long MA programme at the Centre for Research Architecture. Working through an elaborate archive that was individually collected and assembled to serve as a source of discussion; it offered a forum at the time and a visual insight in this exhibition now, towards that what is stake. Specifically informed, inspired or moved by the archive, results of critical spatial research are presented in the form of videos, publications, interventions, texts and images that are put to work.

Synchronisation is how differentiated transformations, changes, speeds and accelerations give way to semi-stable spatial arrangements. It is through synchronisation that this year’s MA has set out to investigate the dimensions of complex transformations in the relationship between inhabited space and material configurations.

The eight researches have investigated the modes by which local space is affected by circulations of people, ideas, materials, currency, energy, food, legislation and information. They have operated from the midst of events, tracing the moments that affect forms of space across a multiplicity of scales and timelines, ranging from the minute particles and innovations, to imperial sweep of dirty cosmopolitanisation processes and the re-arrangement of individualities and independent thought. It has been through synchronisation that the MA in Research Architecture has investigated how the space of law is shaped and carved by material means of imaging transformations in space. The variety of different points of entry into existing rhythms and voices is represented in the exhibition through accumulation of individual archives next to drawing full attention to a common archive.

24:05:00_Five Minutes Past Midnight is aiming to draw attention to these objects of concerns in which spatial practice serves as a liquid tool for interrogation. Through economies of change, the projects aim to get new and critical production on the table, informed by theory and praxis.

Eight diverse and specified researches follow the endeavour starting from a moment that can be considered as ‘current.’ 24:05:00_Five Minutes Past Midnight addresses past and future potentials, but funds itself specifically in the contemporary moment, providing a review of what is at stake now by excavating historical narratives and speculative scenarios.

It allows for example to become part of the complicit machine of photography itself towards complex issues of migration at the shores of Calais, France. In Pakistan the urban environment is under rapid and constant transformation, positioned by new power relations that carry beyond strictly territorial terms. Another spatial expression can be approached through the body, as an atmospheric understanding of unconscious experiences. What is the relation between the void and its established states and processes, which questions the spatial conditions for the emergence of radical change? Where in the city we can speak about the cultural institution as a stage of performance entangled in public urgency? How to position materiality in architectural and social practices by constructing or constituting value to it?

Through a critique of transient spaces of the city, exposing itself by following notions of displacement, mobility and flexible citizenship; can we turn its exceptional and resilient tools to inform our spaces of exchange, and cooperative urban communities? What if we talk about suspension, does this always mean elimination? Could it offer not a negative perception, but rather a moment of clarification or alternative to future progress?

What you see in 24:05:00_Five Minutes Past Midnight is in many ways an exercise. A form of practice that allows for negotiation on urgent issues from our point of view. We viewed the moment of now, through historical and future potential. In our individual efforts we tried to speculate on what spatial research can mean to us and how we can contribute to its understanding and use. We hope to exhibit a hospitable insight by presenting our concerns and to putting spatial research to work. This insight into the many processes and instruments operating through interrogation is not a conclusion however, but part of a continuous negotiation of its matters of concern.

Projects by Manuela Hötzl / Zahra Hussain / Anisha Jogani / Monika Löve / Jan Lemitz / Roberta Mahfuz / Igor Pavlovic / Francesco Sebregondi

Curated by Remco De Blaaij
With the year-long support of Andy Lowe / John Palmesino / Paulo Tavares / Eyal Weizman

updated on 01 // 2016